Behavior tracking methods and daily activities using Accelerometry

Published by Fergus on Thu, 06/15/2017 - 10:42 in

Accelerometry further helps in serving various kinds of purposes related to the support of the patient in various kinds of rehabilitation cases. It also helps in the activation of various kinds of patients during their stay in the hospital. There are other kinds of sensors as well which help in easy transmission of the data.

Tracking the behavior of the patient by using physical activity monitor
It helps in keeping a track on the behavior of the patient which further helps in getting connected to the database which is related to the research. Various kinds of questionnaires were used which helps in the measurement of a various factor which helps in the measurement of physical activities which one performs in daily life by using Accelerometry.
Assessment of daily activities and its conceptualization
The questionnaires which are prepared helps to report the bias if any in the measurement of physical activity. It further helps in the assessment of daily activities and helps in quantifying as well as conceptualizing the various activities of daily life.
Data capturing as well as research in related fields
It further helps to capture the data which is related to research studies in various fields. It further helps to record the various kinds of activities. The output of the algorithm is widely available and can be used in the classification of the activities and helps in the validation of other research related activities in foreign countries. It has got various kinds of propositions like a collection of data without any kind of issues.
Utility for statistical purpose
It further helps in keeping the other devices intact, and the data which is collected can be used for statistical purpose. The data can further be used for providing the detailed description and validation of the measurement sets by Accelerometry.